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Are you curious to explore the transformative potential of your life’s stories and harness the captivating power of storytelling?


Whether you’re a leader, speaker, blogger or author, storytelling is a vital business skill that forges a memorable connection with your audience and cultivates trust, loyalty and integrity.


Crafting a personal story with a purposeful message can seem challenging. You may feel your stories aren’t worth telling, feel trapped in an outdated narrative or uncertain about which words will make an impact.


Join Beverley Glick, a seasoned wordsmith, coach and former national newspaper journalist, on a life-enhancing journey. She introduces you to a unique method that will help you navigate your life stages and create a personal ‘life dictionary’, providing profound insights into your identity, motivations and passions.


As you journey through the book, reflecting on Beverley’s own story, you'll discover:


  • A deep-dive process to support you as you look back on your life.
  • A list of significant words that will unlock your most meaningful experiences.
  • A treasury of inspiring stories to help you shape and convey your messages.
  • An empowering new narrative shedding light on your past while illuminating your future.


Your life is anything but ordinary; it’s a treasure trove of extraordinary stories waiting to be shared. 

In Your Own Words is your key to unearthing, unlocking and sharing them in a way that will resonate deeply with you and, most importantly, your audience.

In Your Own Words

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