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About Kate

Kate Trafford is a Master Coach, author and TEDx speaker on the subject of authentic success.  She has over 20 years’ experience helping business leaders and their teams drive for big results - and love the journey.   

Kate specialises in creating and contributing to bespoke Talent Development programmes for organisations wanting to support and accelerate the growth of their emerging leaders.  She is an enthusiastic advocate of sustainable success, working to ensure her clients set themselves up for both significant impact in the short run and authentic happiness for the long haul.   


You can find out more about Kate’s work at

How did she get here?  After qualifying as a chartered engineer and later working in Government Relations, Kate shifted her passion for personal development from the side-lines to the centre of her work.  She began designing and delivering ‘power skills’ workshops on personal effectiveness, impact and influence, and creative problem-solving.  Later, as a coach, she became fascinated by the ways we unconsciously limit our own success and happiness.  She discovered many little-known secrets of how to release this resistance - so progress can be both swift and enjoyable - qualifying along the way as Master Hypnotherapist.

Kate lives with her husband in Cheshire, England.  She is a proud Mum to two amazing young adults, and to two very fluffy Bichons.


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