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Despite regular encouragement for employees to speak up if they’re unhappy, and a wide range of personal support systems, wellbeing remains a key concern for leaders at all levels, from small teams to multinationals. 


The message from the top is to speak candidly and openly about the impact and effect of workplace pressure. However, that messaging isn’t working. The harsh truth is that when people feel under pressure, they worry about speaking up, fuelled by fear of the consequences if they do.


Bravery and courage are needed to challenge a workplace culture that sustains fear. This book shows you how to develop and use them to turn the dial in the opposite direction, by utilising pressure to drive growth and performance.


It offers you a practical way to identify the fears that sabotage trust and openness, and an employee’s ability to contribute their whole selves at work. Using a proven and scalable approach to eliminating the conditions that nurture fear, it shows you how to:


  • Strengthen your resolve to tackle an unhealthy workplace culture.
  • Drive change through small yet powerful adjustments to behaviour.
  • Use practical tools to create a culture where everyone feels able to speak openly.


Built around incremental, achievable steps, Brave New Leader empowers you with the tools, mindset, and courage you need to turn a damaging tide of pressure and fear into an enduring wave of enhanced employee contribution, engagement, fulfilment and wellbeing.

Brave New Leader

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