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Do you cringe at the mention of feedback, dreading the awkwardness or potential conflict it may bring? Or perhaps, as a manager or leader, you struggle to articulate your feedback constructively, worried about how it may be received?

With a warm blend of empathy, expertise and thorough research, Organisational Psychologist Becky Westwood explores a refreshing approach to both giving and receiving feedback at work as she takes you on a journey that reveals the transformative power of feedback – without the fear!

Whichever side of the exchange you find yourself on, this book gets right to the heart of feedback dynamics. Challenging the effectiveness of conventional approaches, it provides expertly researched, actionable strategies that transcend the trepidation and uncertainty and instead pave the way for personal empowerment and organisational growth.

Whether you want to support others in their growth, maximise your own development opportunities or simply enhance your interpersonal skills, Can I Offer You Something? is your definitive guide to conquering its anxieties and unlocking the true potential of effective feedback.

Can I Offer You Something?

SKU: 9781915483515
Publishing 19th September 2024

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