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As a coach, where can you find answers to the questions you really want to ask?


Drawing on over 20 years of professional coaching and tapping into her experience as a coaching supervisor, Jane Harders offers solutions to the common questions and everyday dilemmas faced by coaches.


Packed with practical advice, expert knowledge and a host of tried and tested techniques, it’s an easy to use, invaluable resource for both novice and seasoned coaches alike.


The two-part structure distinguishes between the issues encountered at conversational level, and those related to the wider coaching relationship and assignment, answering questions such as:


  • What if I can’t think of a question?
  • How can I manage the pace and flow of a coaching conversation?
  • How do I avoid giving advice?
  • What should I cover in a contracting conversation?


Whether you’re looking to hone the fundamentals, or refine your coaching practises, keep this essential resource alongside you to help deal with the inevitable sticky moments and challenging crosswinds that all coaches encounter.

Coaching The Crosswind

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