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by John Harvey


Most people see networking as a necessary evil – something to be endured or even avoided.

But there is a minority who really embrace and enjoy networking. Like me, they understand the vast benefits it brings, the extraordinary value it adds to their professional and personal lives and, crucially, they know how to do it well and with ease.


In this handy book, I’ll show you how you can overcome your reservations and fears about networking, and I’ll coach you in all the skills and insider secrets that I’ve developed over the years. These secrets and skills have helped make networking a vital ingredient in my success, and they can do the same for you, too.


So, whether it’s entering a room full of strangers that fills you with dread, or the idea of striking up a conversation with someone you’ve never met that makes you anxious, let me help you.


I’ll explain how to build a robust networking strategy that can revolutionise finding exciting opportunities, lucrative new clients, and sought-after decision makers. And, by placing networking at the heart of what you do, you’ll discover exactly how to make it more rewarding, productive, effective and, yes, even fun!

For The Love of Networking

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