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In this eye-opening and engaging book, founder and chief executive of REAL Success, Paul Harris, examines some of the hard truths and challenges behind why so many farm owners and managers struggle to maintain a thriving, happy and loyal workforce.


The lessons and learning uncovered throughout this captivating story will help you think differently about your team and your role as a leader. Whether you’re working with family members, long-term employees or casual hired hands, you’ll see how careful listening and communication, as well as embracing the diversity and difference in your team, are key to creating a happy, supportive and successful working environment for everyone involved.


Tensions and conflicts are rising on Peter’s farm, putting team and family dynamics under enormous pressure. Then a potentially devastating event forces everyone to reflect on their beliefs and attitudes. With help from the enigmatic ‘Chairman’ and driven by Peter’s wife’s deep desire to keep the family together and their business alive, the whole team comes together on an odyssey of change that will transform them, the farm and everyone’s future.


Throughout the story you’ll discover insights and takeaways about how small changes in style and slight shifts in mindset can make a huge difference to the success of your team and how they feel about working with you, putting you, your farm and your team on course to a brighter future.

Happy Team, Happy Farm

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