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by Karen Meager and John Mclachlan


What makes an effective leader?


It’s a popular belief that the world of leadership is some mysterious arena where only the strong, fearless and gifted can survive. But this isn’t necessarily true, and it’s certainly not been the experience of Organisational Psychologists Karen Meager and John McLachlan.


In Real Leaders, Karen and John unpack and examine all the psychological and behavioural traits that characterise many great leaders. Through an accessible mix of pragmatic and practical guidance, they demonstrate how to adopt and adapt these common attributes, develop your own, authentic leadership style and – whether you’re an existing or aspiring leader – coach you on how you can elevate your skills and create success.


Eye-opening new research carried out for this fully revised second edition underlines how leaders are, above all, human. They don’t fall into standard leadership stereotypes or a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Using a powerful range of updated concepts and models, it’s now easier than ever for you to evolve and grow as you harness the essential qualities of effective leadership.

Real Leaders

SKU: 9781912300884

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