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Do you grapple with the relentless demands of your leadership role? Are you struggling to balance your team’s wellbeing with delivering results?


Contemporary workplace cultures often shackle employees to a culture of ceaseless high performance and productivity. This results in lacklustre productivity, diminished creativity and a shattered workforce.


In contrast elite sports have honed time-tested strategies for sustaining peak performance, consistency, and getting results without exhaustion. This practical and illuminating guide offers a fresh perspective on leadership, unleashing an empowering, harmonious approach that’s inspired by elite sports’ proven disciplines.


Karen Meager and John McLachlan draw from extensive research and their deep understanding of leadership behaviours to provide you with a playbook for adapting elite sports’ winning techniques to your own team or organisation. Discover how to apply the incredible rhythm of the rest, practice, perform cycle and explore how it can revolutionise your team’s productivity, performance and wellbeing.

Rest. Practise. Perform.

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