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by Paul Hargreaves


Are you looking for a more compassionate, caring and loving way to lead?


Do you want to be a leader that makes a meaningful difference, who opposes injustice and strives to make the world a better place?


In this unique, empowering and inspiring guide, Business Leader and BCorp Ambassador Paul Hargreaves challenges you to banish outdated, paternalistic, ‘command and control’ leadership and instead embrace the positive, proactive and purpose-led styles that have the power to energise, empower, elevate and change the world.


Using an enlightening and thought-provoking mix of stories, quotes and case studies, Paul will guide you on a journey through 50 essential leadership qualities. Day by day he’ll equip you with ingenious ideas, inspiration and the mindset you need to become a leader who:


  • nurtures, supports and cherishes the planet as well as your people
  • releases love, compassion and care throughout your organisation
  • challenges the status quo and is a catalyst for positive change
  • uses empathy, trust and mutual respect to drive success and encourage the best in others.


By becoming a genuinely dynamic and human leader who’s driven by principle, purpose and passion, you’ll make a more profound impact on your business and the world as you create a legacy to be proud of.

The Fourth Bottom Line

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