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by Jonathan Rees


Today’s workplace is fast-paced, highly complex, and sometimes even life-threatening. Yet it is possible to thrive in the ‘pressure cooker’ of modern work life.


We all have the right to enjoy rather than just endure work. In the unpredictability of even the most challenging environments, the route to success and fulfilment at work is to build our resilience.


This ground-breaking book provides a highly effective toolkit that will empower you to survive, thrive and flourish in the dynamic and fast-changing context of blue-light services.


Discover how to:


  • be ready for the unexpected, feel calm and confident under pressure and avoid burnout
  • reduce stress and anxiety by understanding the essential components of a resilient work life
  • evaluate your own resilience factor with the Workplace Resilience Instrument.

The Resilience Toolkit

SKU: 9781912300198

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