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The Ripple Effect

How surprisingly small changes in mindset can make big things happen

by David J Harkin


If you want to make a difference, make a change or make your mark on the world but just don’t know how to start, here’s the answer. Realise your true potential, find your edge and make your ideas and dreams – however big or small – a reality with The Ripple Effect.


Wherever you are in life and no matter what you want to achieve, little changes in your approach and small shifts in your mindset can create ripples that have the potential to make big things happen – for you, your organisation, your community and maybe even the world!


In this inspiring and motivating guide, visionary business leader and entrepreneur David J Harkin coaches you through eight key lessons that will empower you to make your own ripples.


By igniting your curiosity, releasing your energy and teaching you how to ride the wave of your enthusiasm and self-belief, David expertly demonstrates how you can build your confidence, bounce back from failure and feel positively relentless in the pursuit of your goals and ambitions.

Now is the right time to start making your mark.


By starting The Ripple Effect today, just imagine the impact you might make on tomorrow.


The Ripple Effect

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