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From enshittification to stochastic parrots, the startup world has its own unique and occasionally impenetrable language.

If you’re learning about entrepreneurship, thinking of starting or joining a startup or dipping your toes in the world of investing, the sheer number of acronyms, buzzwords and technical phrases used can leave you feeling confused, bemused, or worse yet, embarrassed by the things you think you should know.

That’s where the The Startup Lexicon comes in - now fully reviewed and updated with over 50 new words and phrases, plus a host of fresh new stories!

With contributions from academics, founders, investors and people from the tech ecosystem, this book deciphers the hidden language of the startup world. With simple definitions of the most frequently used words, alongside illuminating stories that provide more context and colour, The Startup Lexicon is an incredible resource for anyone interested in one of the biggest and fastest growing sectors in the business world.

Whether you’re in a boardroom or a classroom, or if you’re just brushing up before an all-important investment or partnership meeting, The Startup Lexicon will act as your primer and reminder about everything from LLMs to TAM/SAM/SOM.

The Startup Lexicon - Second Edition

SKU: 9781915483607
Publishing 25th July 2024

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