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by Joanna Harper


As a coach or practitioner, your focus is always on facilitating your clients to flourish, thrive and believe in their potential.


But what happens when past traumas and emotional injuries prevent them from making progress in the here and now? How do you respond?


In this indispensable and highly practical guide, Master Coach Joanna Harper shares her experience and expert knowledge to equip you with the crucial awareness and skills you need to competently manage even the most challenging of client situations and experiences.


Through ten unique core competencies, five powerful and practical models, plus an illuminating and insightful range of case studies that bring everything to life, you’ll discover how to:

Put trauma awareness at the core of your coaching practice.


Whether you’re newly certified or already an experienced coach or practitioner, by being trauma-informed and in possession of these forward-thinking, empowering skills you’ll always know the most appropriate measures and suitable ways to advance when past experiences are preventing your client’s progress.

The Trauma-Informed Coach

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