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Can I Offer You Something?

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Paperback: 9781915483515 

Ebook: 9781915483522

Date: 19th September 2024

Extent: 198 pages

Size: 198 x 129 mm, portrait

Text: Black

Subject: Management and leadership

Rights available: Worldwide

Can I Offer You Something?

Expert ways to overcome the horrors of organisational feedback

by Becky Westwood


Do you cringe at the mention of feedback, dreading the awkwardness or potential conflict it may bring? Or perhaps, as a manager or leader, you struggle to articulate your feedback constructively, worried about how it may be received?

With a warm blend of empathy, expertise and thorough research, Organisational Psychologist Becky Westwood explores a refreshing approach to both giving and receiving feedback at work as she takes you on a journey that reveals the transformative power of feedback – without the fear!

Whichever side of the exchange you find yourself on, this book gets right to the heart of feedback dynamics. Challenging the effectiveness of conventional approaches, it provides expertly researched, actionable strategies that transcend the trepidation and uncertainty and instead pave the way for personal empowerment and organisational growth.

Whether you want to support others in their growth, maximise your own development opportunities or simply enhance your interpersonal skills, Can I Offer You Something? is your definitive guide to conquering its anxieties and unlocking the true potential of effective feedback.

About the author

Becky Westwood is an organisational psychologist with more than 17 years’ experience of training and coaching in a variety of industries across the UK, US and Europe. She’s a qualified trainer and coach and holds an MSc in psychology. 

Her career started with in-house training roles in the retail and aerospace sectors before setting up her own training and coaching consultancy in 2016 where she began to specialise in working with individuals with social anxiety. In 2021, Becky joined Monkey Puzzle Training and Consultancy, where she now works as an organisational psychologist, coach, trainer and chief experience officer.

A specialist in social anxiety and how it manifests in the workplace, Becky champions diversity and inclusivity and is involved with a number of UK charitable organisations, including Diversity Role Models as an LGBTQ+ role model providing support to young LGBTQ+ people.

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