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From Fatigue to Freedom


ISBN: 9781915483126   

Price: £16.99 

Date: 12 October 2023

Extent: 192 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 234 x 156mm, black

Rights available: Worldwide

From Fatigue to Freedom

An inspiring journey to better energy and brighter days

by Charlotte Jones

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There is hope.

You can regain control.

There are brighter days ahead.

Nutritionist, physiotherapist and lecturer Charlotte Jones knows how it feels to be exhausted all the time and too tired to lift your head off the pillow.


She has experienced first-hand the debilitating feelings of frustration, despair and sadness that so often accompany chronic fatigue syndrome, long Covid and extreme tiredness. And she knows how confused, overwhelmed and lonely you probably feel right now.


Charlotte has written this book from the heart. It’s a beautifully illustrated and uplifting story of hope that’s easy to read but will guide you on an achievable, manageable road to recovery. As you read, you’ll gently uncover ideas and approaches that you can use straight away to start your own journey from fatigue to freedom.

The fascinating characters you’ll encounter in this story will each equip you with a toolbox of powerful ideas, techniques and solutions. Through their experiences you’ll discover how to manage your energy levels, understand the importance of rest and repair and start to feel empowered with the belief that recovery is not only possible, but entirely in your hands.

There’s no baffling science or confusing jargon, just an inspiring and motivating tale brimming with helpful and hopeful golden nuggets that you can collect and use to support you as you heal.

So lay back, relax and read your way to a better recovery!

About the author

Charlotte Jones (MCSP, NHF Dip, CertEd) is a physiotherapist, lecturer, registered nutritionist, author and graduate of the Nutritional Healing Foundation. She has also completed several psychology programmes focusing on the power of the mind. As a result of navigating chronic fatigue syndrome twice, followed by long Covid, she has extensive knowledge about the connection between food, the body and the mind. Her philosophy centres around giving hope to those who are struggling with long-term fatigue and empowering them with self-tested tools that will support their recovery.

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