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Paperback: 9781912300846   

Ebook: 9781912300853  

Date: 23rd March 2023

Extent: 152 pages

Size: 234 x 156mm, portrait

Text: Black and white

Subject: Personal Development

Rights available: Worldwide

5 winning ways to unlock the power of your potential and achieve your goals
by Steve Judge



Do you often find that achieving what you want in your life alludes you?


Do you set off with brilliant intentions of reaching your goals but then feel your motivation fading as you lose your way and then never quite reach the finish line?

You need a guidebook that will help you navigate a clear and achievable path to success. One that will fuel your passion, keep your motivation burning and lead you confidently toward achieving your:

Goal, Opportunity, Love, Dream.

Whatever you want to achieve – big or small, momentous or maybe a little frivolous – and whether it’s a personal goal, a business target or a dream of happiness and security for your family, then this book is for you. World-champion para-athlete and inspiring global speaker, Steve Judge gifts you the key to unlocking your own GOLD.

The most extraordinary life you can imagine is there, ready and waiting for you to take ownership. This book is your personal roadmap to finding it, living it and loving it.


You’ll discover how to illuminate your vision and get clear about what you want to achieve. You’ll uncover essential tools and mindsets that will empower and unleash your exciting journey to success. And you’ll see how the support of others can uplift you, encourage you and keep you moving forward.

The fundamental key to your success is action. So, unlock the power of your potential and take yourself, and your life, on a fascinating, fulfilling journey from good to GOLD.

About the author

Steve Judge is an award-winning international speaker, coach, author and world-champion para-athlete. He delivers workshops to help people achieve their ‘G.O.L.D.’ goals, as Steve likes to call them - meaning Goal, Opportunity, Love and Dream. Despite being told he may never walk again, Steve set recovery goals throughout his rehabilitation, worked tirelessly towards achieving them and eventually started standing and walking again. He then went further by competing as a disabled athlete in para-triathlon, swimming, cycling and running competitions and, again, through setting goals and working towards them, he went on to becoming a world champion triathlete two years running.

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