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How To Be a People Person

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How To Be a People Person
Be Kind. Be Brave. Be Brilliant.
by Lara Cullen

Paperback: 9781912300488   

Ebook: 9781912300495  

Date: 28th October 2021

Extent: 224 pages

Size: 235 x 156mm, portrait

Text: Black and white

Subject: Personal Development

Rights available: Worldwide


A people person is someone who brings out the best in themselves and others.


Is this you?

Being a human in today’s world isn’t always easy. In the constant whirlwind of our demanding lives, it’s all too common to lose sight of the bigger picture, to lose our connection to others and, most of all, to lose ourselves.


It can leave us exhausted, overwhelmed and questioning whether this is as good as it gets. But there is another way.

It’s a kind, brave and brilliant way which energises and empowers you to bring out the best in yourself, others and make the world a better place.


Using a unique and exciting blend of proven psychology, the latest neuroscience, traditional wisdoms, and bang-up-to-date leadership best practice, Lara Cullen redefines what it means to be a people person in today’s disconnected world and shows how three simple ways of being can release you to:

  • be happier and more successful doing what you love

  • reduce stress, boost wellbeing and build resilience

  • lead and inspire with authenticity and impact

  • grow in confidence and self-acceptance

  • create healthy boundaries for improved relationships

  • find more meaning and purpose in life and work.

This is a smart and powerful framework for living, working and leading that equips and inspires you to truly be yourself, at your best and to help others do the same. The world is waiting. Are you ready?

About the author

After 15 years in HR and leadership roles for global consumer brands, in 2019 Lara Cullen founded The People Person Ltd, a coaching and development consultancy for companies and individuals with big dreams, big hearts and rebellious souls. Half-Irish, half-Spanish and an adopted Londoner, Lara now excels as an executive and personal coach, speaker and facilitator. Her renowned warmth, energy and insight have led her to become a sought-after and trusted coach in the UK and overseas.

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