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How To Heal

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Paperback: 9781912300563    

Ebook: 9781912300570 

Date: 21st March 2022

Extent: 352 pages

Size: 234 x 156mm, portrait

Text: Black and white

Subject: Mind, Body and Spirit

Rights available: Worldwide

How To Heal
Release your past, reclaim your energy, revive your joy
by Anne Jones


What’s stopping you from lifting your life above your fears and limitations?


With streaming reports of humanitarian disasters and global pandemics on news channels, the ongoing climate emergency and a continuous bombardment of similar from social media, it’s not surprising that living in the modern world can take its toll on our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.


In How to Heal, renowned spiritual leader Anne Jones shows that, amid all this confusion, negativity and noise, you can use the power of ancient symbols and rituals to reclaim control of your emotions, breakthrough your barriers and lift your life to a happier, calmer and more fulfilling place.


Unlock a new strength and resilience as Anne coaches you through a uniquely holistic approach to healing. As you begin to clear negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings about yourself, every single part of you – from your physical body to your mental health and spirit – will respond, come to life and start to heal.


What you think, feel and see becomes your truth. So now is the time to stop letting the world break you down and  move beyond the past traumas that have come to define you. By surrounding yourself with peace and positivity and taking control of the negativity that blocks your path, you can begin a transformative healing process that will release your past, reclaim your energy and revive your joy.

About the author

Anne Jones is a gifted and experienced healer. She regularly tours the world (America, South Africa, Australia and the Far East) lecturing, running workshops and giving healing. She is the founder of Ripple UK Ltd and Hearts and Hands, an international healing organisation.

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