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I Don't Talk To Dead Bodies

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Paperback: 9781912300785      

Ebook: 9781912300792   

Audiobook: 9781915483072      


Date: 15th September 2022

Extent: 256 pages

Size: 234 x 156mm, portrait

Text: Black and white

Subject: Business Biography

Rights available: Worldwide

I Don't Talk To Dead Bodies
The curious encounters of a forensic psychiatrist
by Dr Rhona Morrison

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Prepare to be intrigued, amazed and astonished as you join Dr Rhona Morrison on an often funny, and at times downright bizarre, thought-provoking and eye-opening rollercoaster ride through some of the most curious encounters of her career as a leading forensic psychiatrist.

Delve into the minds of real people, whose actions may shock and stun you, but whose stories have the power to challenge your assumptions and the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

Travel directly into their living rooms and see behind the closed doors of hospitals, prisons and courtrooms.


Lift the lid on Dr Morrison’s jaw-dropping experiences with murderers, stalkers and other dangerous offenders as she attempts to make sense of some highly unusual situations.


Discover the true stories of the inspiring human beings who are bravely learning to live with major mental illness.

I Don’t Talk To Dead Bodies shines a powerful, emotional and surprisingly moving spotlight on the fascinating life of a forensic psychiatrist and the people she works with. It goes beyond the sensationalist headlines to show you just what happens in a world where mental illness occasionally makes good people do bad things.

About the author

Dr Rhona Morrison is a retired forensic psychiatrist, who worked in the NHS for 32 years. Born and bred in Scotland, into a working-class family, she has a grounded approach to life, with a generous helping of humour. She learned the importance of being non-judgemental and supportive through her relationship with her sensory impaired sister, who had learning and physical disabilities. This prepared her well for working with mentally disordered offenders in custody and in the community, where she often felt humbled by their resilience and privileged to be part of their journey. As a passionate advocate of the de-stigmatisation of mental illness, she hopes her writing can shine a light on this specialist area of practice, so often impacted by negative attitudes and damaging assumptions.

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