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In The Meantime


Paperback: 9781912300921       

Hardback: 9781912300921       

Ebook: 9781912300938    


Date: 22nd September 2022

Extent: 272 pages

Size: 234 x 156mm, portrait

Text: Black and white

Subject: Business Biography

Rights available: Worldwide

In The Meantime
Lessons and learning from a career in beer
by Nick Miller



What ingredients do you need to brew a successful career in selling and marketing consumer goods? 


The lessons found in Nick Miller’s fascinating and motivating story will tell you.

Using a powerful blend of creativity, dedication and discipline alongside a smart sales and marketing strategy he and his team turned Peroni from a niche Italian import into the UK’s premier lager.


Later he took the helm at the craft beer minnow Meantime, where his magic touch led to the brand’s turnaround and eventual sale to SABMiller for £120 million.

In the Meantime distils all the lessons Nick picked up during his impressive career to show any leader how you can:

  • think strategically about selling and marketing

  • maximise the strengths of your team

  • find the benefits in setbacks and barriers

  • analyse your own strengths and weaknesses

  • motivate your team and enjoy yourself along the way.


Unlock the confidence to believe in your own abilities and your potential to aim high and succeed as you discover a disciplined way of thinking that can enable you to become as successful in your chosen industry as you want to be. And along the way, lighten the load with some amusing anecdotes and engaging tales from a career well lived.

About the author

Frustrated by the corporate decision-making processes Nick Miller took up the opportunity to take a stake in the struggling first-to-market craft beer maker Meantime and lead it to change the way people think about beer. His memoir, In The Meantime, details the ups, downs, trials and tribulations of his varied and successful career, along with the business lessons he learned along the way.

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