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The Levelheaded Investor


The Levelheaded Investor

Your expert guide to lifelong money mastery and financial security.

by Michael Aitken

PUBLISHING: 23rd May 2024

Paperback: 9781915483331     

Ebook: 9781915483348

Date: 23rd May 2024

Extent: 192 pages

Size: 216 x 138mm, portrait

Text: Black and white

Subject: Personal Finance

Rights available: Worldwide


Do you seek financial security and freedom from worrying about money?

In an uncertain and increasingly complex world, you would be forgiven for being as worried about your finances as your health.

With a bewildering amount of financial jargon, an overwhelming number of investment choices, and often conflicting advice, it is no wonder you may be left grappling with uncertainty and confusion about making sound financial plans and rational investment decisions.

With over 30 years of experience as a financial advisor and mentor, Michael Aitken has long been an expert guiding light for people just like you. In this book, he unveils the four fundamental pillars of financial wellbeing and leads you on a clear path toward a life where financial worries are a thing of the past.

The Levelheaded Investor equips you with the tools, mindsets and knowledge you need to create the future you want, supported by a realistic and actionable financial plan. Within these pages you’ll learn how to:

  • Master building a smart investment portfolio that’s right for you.

  • Navigate a path to security that avoids the traps that snare other investors.

  • Stay calm and confident when the stock markets get rough.

  • Find and collaborate effectively with a trusted financial advisor.

Say goodbye to your money worries and become a savvy, levelheaded investor. With this book as your trusted guide, you’ll feel empowered and motivated to take your first steps towards financial security and a life of wellbeing and fulfilment for you and your family.


About the author

Michael Aitken is founder and chairman of Magus Wealth, a CEFEX Certified and chartered financial advisory firm founded in 1998. He holds the fundamental belief that values-based wealth management can have a significant impact upon the quality of people’s lives where money is the enabler towards a fulfilling and purposeful life. This belief sits at the core of how Magus approach advising their clients.

He has considerable experience working with multi-jurisdictional ultra net worth families. He loves helping them and especially working with the rising generation to transition family wealth across multiple generations.

As Magus continues to grow, he is passionate about passing on his wealth of experience to the next generation of financial advisors in the ways described in this book. He believes that everyone has the right to good financial advice and to have greater autonomy in their lives through the wise and some may say levelheaded approach to money.

He lives in West Sussex with his wife Candie and their four children, is a CrossFit disciple, loves long country walks with his dogs and is a frustrated saxophone player who recognises he started learning 30 years too late.

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