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Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous

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Paperback: 9781912300273  

Ebook: 9781912300280   


Date: 5th November 2019

Extent: 192 pages

Size: 216 x 138mm, portrait

Text: Black and white

Subject: Publicity and Communication

Rights available: Worldwide

Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous
How to power up your profile and get known for what you do
by Penny Haslam


In today’s noisy marketplace, it’s crucial you find ways to get noticed.

But do you shy away from the spotlight for fear of feeling like an idiot or looking like a show-off?


Do you see others out there, attracting the kind of attention you wish you could get?

If so, you need to Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous!

Jam-packed with stories, advice, case studies and encouragement, Penny shares pro tips on:

  • getting on TV and radio and acing your appearances

  • bossing it as a speaker and when you present to people

  • shining when you take part in or chair a panel discussion.


If you want to be a best-kept secret, then step away from this book. But if you recognise the value of raising your profile for your business or career, then step up – because now is the right time for you to make yourself a little bit famous.

About the author

Award-winning motivational speaker, and former BBC business journalist and TV presenter, Penny Haslam, shows you exactly how to take advantage of opportunities to ‘get out there’ and get the attention you need and deserve.

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