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The Performance Advantage


Paperback: 9781915483317     

Ebook: 9781915483324

Date: 11th January 2024

Extent: 224 pages

Size: 234 x 156mm, portrait

Text: Black and white

Subject: Leadership

Rights available: Worldwide

The Performance Advantage

The 12 success principles every senior leader needs to know but executive courses don't teach

by Agnes Cserhati

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Are you ready to elevate your leadership and career to the next level? Do you wonder how successful senior leaders stay ahead of the curve and remain on top of their game?

Ambition alone won't get you to the top or keep you there. But your performance advantage will.

Leveraging her lifelong passion for high performance, Agnes Cserhati – a globally acclaimed performance coach and leadership expert – has distilled decades of experience working with some of the world's top leaders into the 12 key principles that unlock the secret to high performance. 

With razor-sharp precision, alongside her unrivalled ability to cut to the chase, Cserhati reveals actionable insights that will inspire, challenge, and motivate you to accelerate your success. Master pivotal shifts and strategies that distinguish exceptional leaders and reframe your perspective on success.

From resilience and communication to the power of personal branding and influence, this indispensable guide challenges the status quo and uncovers growth opportunities that defy expectations, empowering you to redefine your leadership approach and change your career trajectory.


Through real-life examples, game-changing practical insights and actionable expert advice, you'll discover how to: 

  • Maximise your own potential for success

  • Drive high performance in yourself and others

  • Master conscious and purposeful growth


Your leadership career isn't just about achieving results—it's about upholding extraordinary performance consistently. This book is your expert road map through a transformative journey towards unprecedented professional success. It's time to unleash your performance advantage!

About the author

Agnes Cserhati is an internationally recognised speaker, leadership expert, and a sought-after performance and executive coach. Her innovative methodologies and profound insights have been instrumental in steering high-calibre leaders, teams, and organisations toward peak performance in both the private and public sectors for decades.

She has been regularly featured in the media, notably in The Forbes, BBC and The Guardian. Her work is transformational and underpinned by the strong desire to "make leaders and organisations think differently". Cserhati’s razor-sharp precision, masterful ability to cut to the chase and wisdom from her extensive and diverse experience are evident in her book, The Performance Advantage.

She brings to the forefront her unique perspective through pivotal shifts and transformative strategies that separate extraordinary leaders from the rest. Born from a childhood fascination with high performance and motivated by a relentless pursuit to understand and challenge those who are successful, she appreciates how the higher you go, the lonelier it becomes.

Cserhati’s motto is: "share to inspire", which has been the driving force behind her work and a lifetime of dedication to pushing beyond the ordinary while consistently delivering high performance and maximising potential. She is a transformative thinker, catalyst and relentlessly curious individual who is dedicated to her work, passionate about self-development and a keen drummer.


While she grew up in communist Hungary, since 1995, she calls London and Bonn her home, where she resides with her son, husband and dog.

She holds a First-Class Honours degree in International Marketing, a PGCE in Business Education and Diplomas in Performance Coaching and Executive and Corporate Coaching. She is also a Fellow of the Association of Coaching and an award-winning entrepreneur and teacher.

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