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The Scavenger Mindset


Paperback: 9781912300747      

Ebook: 9781912300754    

Date: 26th September 2022

Extent: 196 pages

Size: 216 x 138mm, portrait

Text: Black and white

Subject: Leadership

Rights available: Worldwide

The Scavenger Mindset
Rethinking leadership to unlock the untapped talent within
by Clare Richmond


A refreshingly original and honest way to get the best from any team and maximise results, it suggests a more effective role for leaders even when resources like money, people, time and inspiration feel in worryingly short supply.

In this highly motivating guide, Clare Richmond provides a persuasive mix of her own grassroots experiences, highly practical tips and illuminating case studies to demonstrate the huge impact a scavenger mindset can have on your ability to lead any team to success.

By learning to think a bit differently, a scavenger mindset will empower you to:


  • unlock talent within yourself and your team

  • release new levels of innovation, creativity and positivity

  • embrace uncertainty by building a transformative sense of community

  • save time and money and find more fulfilment and happiness in your role.


The Scavenger Mindset is an energising and exciting call for leaders to abandon outdated leadership styles, take a step back, look again and shine a bright light on the power of potential and possibility. Through courage, curiosity and creating the right conditions, you can achieve what you want with what you already have.

About the author

After 15 years working in media marketing, Clare Richmond set up a grassroots regeneration initiative for her local high street. This experience led to a transformation in Clare’s views on effective leadership and demonstrated how, by creating the right conditions and changing the narrative, it’s possible to achieve far more with much less.


This success led to consultancy work within communities and public and private sector organisations, helping leaders identify hidden talent and maximise their potential by adopting a more creative and resourceful mindset.

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