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The Visual Revolution Guidebook

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The Visual Revolution Guidebook

How to build the skills you need for success in the new visual economy

by Roz Morris

Paperback: 9781915483461

Ebook: 9781915483478 

Date: 22nd August 2024

Extent: 208 pages

Size: 216 x 138 mm, portrait

Text: Black

Subject: Business communication skills

Rights available: Worldwide


The visual economy is here and we are all broadcasters now!

In today’s fast-paced world of constant media, moving images and digital presence, broadcasting is no longer the preserve of the privileged few. When every visual choice has the power to make or break reputations, success in this highly competitive economy hinges on mastering the skills of visual communication.

The Visual Revolution Guidebook is your essential toolkit for navigating and leveraging this new visual-centric landscape and understanding its dynamics in the modern business environment.

Media expert Roz Morris delves deep into the strategies and skills you need to stand out and flourish amidst the constant imagery of the modern 24-hour media cycle. Through illuminating case studies, proven approaches and user-friendly, practical advice and checklists, you’ll be equipped with an impressive range of advanced media skills, including how to:

  • Craft a compelling online presence.

  • Produce impactful promotional videos.

  • Fine-tune presentation skills across diverse media platforms.

  • Shine in media interviews with confidence and precision.

  • Harness the incredible potential of the metaverse.

  • Understand the evolving role of influencers.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketer or business leader seeking to understand and excel in modern business communication, this is more than just a must-read – it’s an expert and indispensable roadmap to thriving in the visual revolution.

About the author

Roz Morris’s journey in journalism began at Oxford University, where her interest was ignited by the student newspaper. Her prolific writing led to offers from three prestigious journalist training schemes, which ultimately led her to The Guardian newspaper as the northeast of England correspondent.

Later transitioning to The Observer, she then ventured into broadcasting as a reporter for BBC Radio 4's World at One and PM daily news programmes. Roz’s varied media career continued to develop with roles such as BBC Scotland correspondent, ITV newsreader and presenter, as well as through freelancing roles for the BBC, ITV and national radio alongside feature writing for publications such as The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Evening Standard.

Roz’s accidental move into media training soon evolved into a passion. After a stint of teaching radio journalism ignited her love for teaching and training she founded her own media training company, TV News London Ltd, where she leverages her decades of journalistic, media and training expertise to empower countless individuals in mastering the complex challenges of the visual economy.

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