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Think Like a Coach

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Think Like a Coach

Empower your team through everyday conversations

by Jude Sclater

PUBLISHING: 14th March 2024

Paperback: 9781915483409     

Ebook: 9781915483416

Date: 14th March 2024

Extent: 128 pages

Size: 198 x 129mm, portrait

Text: Two colours

Subject: Coaching

Rights available: Worldwide


You’ve made it to manager! But balancing a hectic schedule with empowering your team is proving challenging and you’re struggling to delegate. So how do you make this all work? How you do get the best from yourself, your team and still have a life outside work?

The answer is to Think Like a Coach.

This simple yet transformative approach to managing a team focuses on three fundamental coaching skills that you already use daily: listening, asking questions and summarising. With subtle shifts in your conversations to leverage these skills, you can embrace a coach-like management style which will:

  • Boost the performance and productivity of your team.

  • Promote commitment, personal responsibility and self-sufficiency.

  • Free up precious time to focus on important tasks.

  • Make recruitment and retention easier and smoother.

  • Drive and deliver excellence in a team that’s motivated and empowered.

Seamlessly integrating into your everyday management style, Think Like a Coach is your trusty go-to guide that bridges the gap between theory and reality. It shows how, even in high-pressure scenarios, it’s still possible to tap into the true potential of your team, empower their success and become the manager your team truly needs and deserves.


About the author

Jude Sclater loves coaching and wants everyone to experience the joy and development it brings. She holds an MSc in Organisational Behaviour from Birkbeck University and is an accredited practitioner coach through the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.


She has logged more than 750 hours of coaching with managers across the financial, legal, technology, food and consulting industries.

When she’s not coaching, she’s working hard on transforming her garden, creating homemade pizzas with her husband and learning the art of wine tasting. You can subscribe to her weekly blog, which shows you how to take a coach-like approach to nurturing your team and yourself at

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