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After more than 40 years in the retail loyalty business Richard Beattie, founder and chairman of the world-leading, pioneering loyalty giant TCC, shares fifty essential lessons about shopper behaviour, delivering key insights into how to create successful customer loyalty programmes in an ever-changing retail landscape.


Based on the many thousands of loyalty solutions that TCC has designed for its partners over the course of three decades as well as the company’s extensive research into shopper behaviour, this book is an invaluable, in-depth resource for retail professionals at any level who are seeking to understand the past, present and future of loyalty and want to:


  • discover how loyalty campaigns can drive increased revenue and growth
  • design loyalty campaigns for their business and measure their success
  • create deep and enduring emotional connections with customers
  • be a force for positive change in the community
  • keep up with retail trends and stay ahead of the competition.


Discover the key components of successful loyalty campaigns and learn how this industry expert has helped numerous global retailers change shopper behaviour.

Bringing Loyalty To Life

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