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Are you ready to elevate your leadership and career to the next level? Do you wonder how successful senior leaders stay ahead of the curve and remain on top of their game?


Ambition alone won't get you to the top or keep you there. But your performance advantage will.

Leveraging her lifelong passion for high performance, Agnes Cserhati – a globally acclaimed performance coach and leadership expert – has distilled decades of experience working with some of the world's top leaders into the 12 key principles that unlock the secret to high performance. 


With razor-sharp precision, alongside her unrivalled ability to cut to the chase, Cserhati reveals actionable insights that will inspire, challenge, and motivate you to accelerate your success. Master pivotal shifts and strategies that distinguish exceptional leaders and reframe your perspective on success.


From resilience and communication to the power of personal branding and influence, this indispensable guide challenges the status quo and uncovers growth opportunities that defy expectations, empowering you to redefine your leadership approach and change your career trajectory. Through real-life examples, game-changing practical insights and actionable expert advice, you'll discover how to: 


  • Maximise your own potential for success
  • Drive high performance in yourself and others
  • Master conscious and purposeful growth


Your leadership career isn't just about achieving results—it's about upholding extraordinary performance consistently. This book is your expert road map through a transformative journey towards unprecedented professional success. It's time to unleash your performance advantage!

The Performance Advantage

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