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by Kevin Gaskell


**Shortlisted as a finalist in the Business Book Awards 2023**


Can a small business really compete with the biggest business giants?


The typical argument is that they wouldn’t have the budget, skills or experience. But Catching Giants demonstrates that this simply isn’t true and shows how, even in the toughest of circumstances and competitive environments, it is possible for the small player to win big.


When Kevin Gaskell and his small, inexperienced crew took on the ‘World’s Toughest Row’ and set out to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a tiny rowing  boat, they knew it would take a single-minded determination, focus, some innovative approaches and smart thinking to beat their Olympic level competition and become world champions.


But that’s exactly what they did!


Through this thrilling, motivating and inspiring story of triumph over seemingly impossible odds, Kevin shares the 80 world-beating lessons that he and his team used to beat the best at their own game.

Whatever the challenge and whether it’s clarity, strategy, finances or team alignment that appear to stand in your way, these game-changing lessons have the power to help any team leader, manager or business owner overcome barriers and drive their team to reach for, catch and pass their own giants.

Catching Giants

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