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by Richard Lupo


Imagine if there was a way to measure your impact on the environment and manage how it affects your happiness.


What if you could be sure that everything that matters in your life was on track to maximise your feelings of fulfilment and contentment?


In Happiness By Numbers, chartered environmentalist Richard Lupo draws on decades of expert research to provide you with a very neat, science-based framework that shows how your decisions and actions affect your environment, while measuring your progress towards achieving long-term wellbeing.


From your own personal happiness to the wellbeing of your family and friends, as well as your impact on the planet as a whole, you’ll discover how, with a clear vision, an effective strategy, a dash of proven science and some very clever number crunching, you can make every part of your life happier and more rewarding.


Take an eye-opening journey into happiness and the environment that will change how you think and feel about what they mean and uncover:


  • A blueprint for boosting your own long-term wellbeing
  • Fascinating insights into the science behind what makes us happy
  • Practical tips for creating safe and secure environments for all
  • A roadmap towards better decisions on sustainability and living a net zero life
  • How happiness really looks when you put in into numbers


If it’s true that you can only manage what you can measure, by exploring and leveraging what science and data reveals about what makes us happy, we can all build a better world that’s happier not only for ourselves but those around us too.

Happiness By Numbers

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