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by Georgina Woudstra


The challenges faced by organisations everywhere can be solved through better collective leadership, collaboration and systemic thinking. And, as a coach, you’re already aware of the huge role that coaching can play in accessing the intelligence and co-ordinated power that teams could be leveraging.


Team coaching transforms teams and wider organisational systems by increasing collective awareness, meaning-making and responsibility, enabling people to work together through and beyond seemingly intractable challenges.


In this practical and empowering guide, Master Coach Georgina Woudstra navigates you through the often complex and challenging reality of team coaching. Equipping you with a roadmap – a set of metaskills and competencies – she’ll demonstrate how you can transform teams to realise greater success.


Learn to trust in people’s untapped wisdom, the process and – most of all – yourself. And with Georgina’s expertise and guidance to support you, become an impactful team coach with a distinctive personal style that solves problems, creates change and gets sustainable results.

Mastering The Art of Team Coaching

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