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by Andreea Sandu


If you’ve had enough of feeling under pressure, uncomfortable and put on the spot, it’s time to stop ignoring your emotions. Create a life that supports your needs instead of forcing yourself to match the world’s expectations. You can grow, lead and succeed as an introvert without changing who you are.


Whether it’s starting a business, getting a promotion, embarking on an adventure or just feeling happier every day – whatever you want to achieve is well within your grasp.


High performance coach Andreea Sandu is just like you – an introvert. But instead of changing who she is, she’s built a life that nurtures her personality. And using a unique blend of personal stories, practical tools, powerful mindsets, and enlightening fresh perspectives, you’ll discover how to do the same for you.


The Introvert Who Could is your guide to stopping overthinking, building routines that will help you recharge and developing your social skills. And if you cringe at the idea of saying no, asking for favours, introducing yourself to people or talking on the phone, you’ll learn how to do them confidently.


You may be quiet. But behind what others perceive as shy, is a brilliant mind with a wealth of talent, creativity and courage. Let’s bring all your qualities out into the world in ways you’ll love – without fear, overwhelm, or procrastination.

The Introvert Who Could

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